He’s just not that into you

Jeannie Pirro is advised to maybe set her sights a little lower, maybe more Brent Baker and less Brad Pitt:

Jeanine F. Pirro’s bid to unseat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton suffered an embarrassing setback on Tuesday when the State Legislature’s most powerful Republican said she should call the whole thing off and run for state attorney general instead.

The remarks by the official, Joseph L. Bruno, the majority leader of the State Senate, forced out into the open simmering concerns about Ms. Pirro’s candidacy, which has been beset by gaffes and fund-raising difficulties. And it heightened the sense that the state Republican Party is nervous about its future and riven by squabbles as its de facto leader, Gov. George E. Pataki, prepares to step down at the end of next year.

Mr. Bruno said that Ms. Pirro, who was elected Westchester district attorney three times, would be a better fit as a candidate for attorney general. “I have said from the beginning, and I know a lot of my colleagues, and people within the party, share the thought, that she would make a great attorney general,” he said. “By background, by her experience, by her prosecutorial record. And I hope that before this procedure gets too much further, that Jeanine Pirro would reconsider and run for A.G.”

While Mr. Bruno’s remarks echo what some Republicans have been murmuring quietly for some time now, they put him at odds with both Governor Pataki, who endorsed Ms. Pirro for the Senate last month, and the chairman of the state Republican Party, Stephen J. Minarik III, who is supporting her Senate candidacy.

And while the remarks were hardly welcomed by the Pirro for Senate campaign, Ms. Pirro tried to put the best spin on it. “Senator Bruno is a respected majority leader and I appreciate his confidence in my abilities,” she said in a terse, two-sentence written statement. “However, I am a candidate for U.S. Senate.”

Sure you are, hon. And you’re such a sweet gal with a lovely smile and a great sense of humor. We’re sure that there’s a guy office out there for you somewhere, now run along.

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