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SCOTUS leaves Fed whistleblowers high and dry

Today the Supreme Court dismissed without comment, a lawsuit brought bya former FBI linguist who said she was canned in 2002 for coming forward with info on security breaches, possible misconduct and bungled translation work. Sibel Edmonds was left high and dry. This will definitely have a chilling effect on other potential whistleblowers that are thinking of coming forward to save taxpayers from losing money on government waste, fraud and abuse. The government’s defense? It’s all a state secret. The Heretik:

THE GOVERNMENT CLAIMS states secrets privilege more than it admits, sixty times since the concept was born in the McCarthyite, anti communist hysteria of the Nineteen Fifties.  In most instances, the state secrets privilege has been used to prevent certain pieces of evidence from entering court. As evidenced in the Edmonds case,  the Bush Administration is expanding scope by seeking dismissal of entire cases.  National security turned out not to be the issue in the first case that formed the basis for thestate secrets privilege doctrine, United States v. Reynolds.  What was argued as a case involving secret military equipment and national security 50 years later turned out to be shoddy maintenance of the United States B-29 fleet.

IN THE EDMONDS CASE testimony given  to Congress in open session was later retroactively classified.  The way the Bush Administration uses the state secrets privilege the truth may be classified forever.

Shakes Sis also weighs in.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding