LCR queen offended by drag show

I have never been so offended, mortified, and angered at anything the University of Missouri has done in my nearly three years of attendance. It is with great regret and humility that I respectfully ask the citizens of Missouri to not judge the entire gay and lesbian community by the misguided actions of a few.

— sad and extremely uptight head of the Log Cabin Republicans of Greater St. Louis, Charles Stadtlander

WTF is this about? I’m trying to wrap my mind around why a gay group would want an investigation of a freaking drag show. This is at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. (365gay):

The president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Greater St. Louis, Charles Stadtlander, said he attended the Oct. 14 drag show. He raised concerns that the show mocked heterosexual audience members, that performers wore revealing outfits, used inappropriate language and simulated sex acts.

He said university officials should not have allowed the event and raised concerns that tax dollars were involved. University spokesman Bob Samples said Stadtlander’s complaint was the only one received about the event.

Taxpayer money was not used to fund the event and proper procedures were followed, he said. Samples said the matter was a First Amendment issue. He said campuses have hundreds of events annually, and not everyone finds them to be appropriate.

This guy is twisted – he must be a closet AmTaliban.

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