A kick in the heart

I don’t always link to all of the blogs on my left-hand list, because some of them are for my own enjoyment and are there so I don’t have to bookmark them on the various computers I use. One of my personal favorites is Kelly Sedinger’s Byzantium’s Shores because Kelly always reminds me that it is still possible to be a good person in a world that is not so good. I try to read his blog before going to sleep at night because it’s nice to go to bed thinking good thoughts and we can all use a little peace before sleep. Unfortunately peace will escape me tonight because I just read that his son, Little Quinn, passed away Monday morning after a too brief life.

Please take the time to go read some of Kelly’s posts on his son, as well as his graceful post on Little Quinn’s passing, and maybe pass on a few good words to Kelly and his wife.

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