Suckers or enablers? You make the call…

The very right-leaning San Diego Union writes:

Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham’s five-year spree of bribery, conspiracy and income tax evasion, laid bare yesterday for the first time in a 33-page plea agreement with federal prosecutors, is a truly sickening spectacle.

For an elected official, there is no greater breach of the public’s trust than selling his office for private gain. In this instance, the sheer enormity of the Republican lawmaker’s crimes demands a substantial prison sentence. U.S. District Judge Larry Burns, who will impose sentence on Feb. 27, should send a resounding message that such flagrant bribery will not be tolerated.

Giving the UT credit for breaking the story, we should point out that the same SD Union editorial board reflexively endorsed the mediocre Cunningham eight times based on the fact that he was:

A) A Republican
B) A Top Gun Pilot
C) A Republican

And since we won’t have the Duke to kick around anymore, I thought it would be fun to revisit a letter he wrote to the North County Times back before the last election:

‘Duke’ does not apologize for his hard work

I would like to personally respond to the politically motivated attacks on my character and my record of service that have been rampant in the Letters pages of this newspaper for several months.

I would like to remind readers that these slanted letters have falsely manipulated my record to validate their arguments. If my opponents accuse me of being too concerned about the men and women who serve so valiantly in the military, then I am guilty. If they accuse me of being deeply concerned about terrorism at home and abroad and the safety of all Americans, then I suppose I am guilty of that as well. In the same way, I also admit guilt for investing in our children’s education, working toward the advancement of medical research and providing tax relief to hardworking American families.

As a member of Congress, I am faced daily with monumental decisions that affect our national security and foreign policy, the economy and education policy.

The people of the 50th Congressional District know of my dedication, and my record speaks for itself. I will not back down from my positions, nor will I apologize for my hard work on behalf of San Diegans.


member of Congress, 50th District

Randy “Duke” Cunningham: Always guilty. Always apologizing.



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