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MJ's attorney says he likes the Jews

WTF went terribly wrong?

Good god. The human advertisement for excess plastic surgery and untreated mental illness known as Michael Jackson keeps opening his mouth with idiotic, anti-Semitic bullsh*t. And worse, out trots his self-loathing Jewish attorney to defend him. Give that man a Project 21 award.

Michael Jackson’s attorney does not deny the pop star called Jews “leeches” in a voice mail, but says the pop star is not anti-Semitic.

The Anti-Defamation League has demanded Jackson apologize for the voice mail he left two years ago, which was aired this week on ABC.

In it, Jackson blames Jews for his financial woes. “Michael Jackson has an anti-Semitic streak,” ADL director Abraham Foxman said. “It seems every time he has a problem in his life, he blames it on Jews.”

Attorney Brian Oxman doesn’t deny his client left the message.

But he told the New York Daily News: “I have been with the Jackson family for 15 years, and I’m Jewish. I have never once seen anything anti-Semitic from him or from his family.”

Just when you think it can’t get any more bizarre, MJ plans to convert to Islam. (Eurweb):

Speaking of unsubstantiated information being disseminated, there were also reports over the weekend that Jackson may be planning to convert to Islam. According to Israeli Web site, an Arab Israeli newspaper quoted sources in Bahrain who said that Jackson is already following the five tenets of Islam.

A second report from an Iranian news site says Jackson has donated money toward the construction of a new mosque near where he plans to live in Bahrain. Jackson’s older brother Jermaine has already converted to Islam.

Whew. Take him away.

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