Before/after: Surgically preserved Elizabeth Dole (a.k.a. “Empty Wig”, “Sugar Lips” or “The Joker”).

Liddy’s not cutting and running. Is this not the most ridiculous crap from the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee chair and devotee of plastic surgery? From one of the mailing lists that I don’t know how I got on. This one is entitled “U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole: Continued Progress in Iraq”

Iraq is the central battleground in the War on Terror. And yet despite the evident progress, some want to cut and run. They claim that our troops have simply done all that they can do, and that the United States should set arbitrary timelines for withdrawing our forces. Mr. President, I strongly disagree and believe that setting such a timeline would only embolden the terrorists and send the message that the United States has lost its resolve in the War on Terror. This is the wrong message. Any timeline for withdrawal must be driven by success – not artificially tied to a calendar.

…Much of this defeatist criticism is being leveled by the very same people who, having access to the same intelligence as the president, agreed that Iraq posed a real and immediate threat. And these very same people supported going into Iraq to fight the War on Terror. Now they want to throw up their hands and walk away before the job is done. …

…Freedom and democracy in Iraq are the terrorists’ worst nightmare. They know what is at stake and try desperately to derail our success. In a letter intercepted last month from Bin Laden’s deputy Zawahiri to Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq – the terror network’s plan was exposed: to expel the Americans from Iraq, establish radical Islamist authority in the country, and extend the terrorists’ jihad into neighboring countries and around the world. They seek to destroy our very way of life. We cannot cut and run – We know all too well what is at stake in this global war against terror. To our men and women in uniform who are protecting our freedom and our security – I say thank you and God bless you – you make us so very proud.


Here’s a bonus letter I received from Liddy as head of the NRSC, breathlessly asking me to fork over the dough because Democrats are cozying up to limousine liberals.

The New York Post recently reported on the Democrats’ strategy for tapping into mega-millionaire elites:

“First, it was Hollywood Hillary, now it’s fellow New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s chance to schmooze the stars. Schumer has corralled A-list bombshell Lindsay Lohan, hotshot comedian Ben Stiller and powerful producer Marci Klein – daughter of Calvin – to headline a [Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee] fund-raiser … [with tickets going for] a ‘suggested donation’ of $10,000 a head.”

That’s right. At a rate of $10,000 a head – or more – the national Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is tapping into Hollywood and Chairman Chuck Schumer’s Manhattan connections to raise record sums for their candidates who want to defeat Republicans.

The only way we can keep up and protect our Republican Senate majority is if our supporters in the Heartland – what the liberal elites like to think of as “fly-over country”! – take immediate action.

While liberal millionaires and billionaires finance the Democrats’ effort to take over the Senate, we rely on thousands and thousands of common-sense citizens like you to pitch in with whatever you can give.

So click here to give $1,000, $500, $100, $50, $25 or even $6 for ’06. The terrific thing is that on the Internet, every gift makes a real impact because the cost of fundraising is almost nothing. So help me kick off our NRSC “Heartland Stars” program in November. Our goal is to match what the Hollywood Stars raised for the Democrats at their swanky Manhattan soiree. It will take 400 Republican stalwarts giving $25 each to match one gift from just one Hollywood liberal. Then forward this email to everyone on your personal address book.

The Democrats have one goal in mind: regaining control of the United States Senate.

…They want Harry Reid setting the agenda in the Senate as Majority Leader, Ted Kennedy running Health Care policy, Pat Leahy applying his liberal litmus test to every nominee before the Judiciary Committee, Robert Byrd handing out Appropriations and Carl Levin overseeing America’s Armed Services.

Please take just one minute right now to click and pledge $33 – just $1 for each of our 2006 Republican Senate candidates.

Boy, this is the best she can do? It’s laughable.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding