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Odds and ends from the mailbag

I’m just catching up with emails and loading up pictures of my trip…but I wanted to pass along a few things in the mailbag…

* Larry sent me a link to the Celebrity Book List – The Favorite Books Of Your Favorite Celebrities. This edition covers Laura Bush, Bill Clinton and the Chimp. Check out the reading material of our dear leader.

* Gary has good news out of Washington State about one of the openly gay candidates, Fred Chang, looking like a winner for Port Orchard City Council. “As of Wednesday, with votes from 60.09% of all registered voters counted (they predicted a 60% turnout), Fred Chang leads Jay Weatherill 58.98% to 40.48%. Kitsap County offers one more update late Monday afternoon, then the numbers will be certified Tuesday.” Other winners: Dave Kaplan – Des Moines City Council, Jeff Kingsbury – Olympia City Council, Ryan Mello – Tacoma Parks Commissioner, Keith McGlashan – Shoreline City Council, Jim Nobles – Seattle Monorail Authority

* MadKane has some fun up — Yet Another Ode To Ann Coulter; An Unscrupulous Fellow Named Jack

* Blender Joel in NJ points to a heinous development in NJ; Ocean County refused to act on a request from an investigator (with 23 years in the county prosecutor’s office) who is now dying of cancer, to provide domestic partner benefits for gay and lesbian employees so that she can pass her pension to her partner.

* R. Neal (“the blogger formerly known as South Knox Bubba”), who is now a contributor at Facing South, had a great post up with some interesting euphamisms for Darth’s national torture policy. From the “Torture glossary and translation dictionary” post:

Enhanced interrogation techniques: Torture

Dietary manipulation: Torture by starvation

Sleep adjustment: Torture by sleep deprivation

Stress position: Torture similar to the medieval “rack”, improvised

Waterboarding: Torture by simulated drowning or suffocating

Mild, non-injurious physical contact: Torture by beating

Extraordinary rendition: Kidnap and torture


Fraternity pranks: Right wing pundit characterization of torture

We do not torture: What the Bush administration says when they mean they order low-ranking soldiers to torture with the assistance of civilian “contractors”

Unpatriotic: Opposition to torture on the grounds that it is immoral, illegal, not generally believed to be effective, is not what America stands for, and puts future American POWs at higher risk of being tortured.

I’ll have a post up on my visit to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas tomorrow.

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