“They worship a flirty drag queen named Angel.”

Lose the faggots and the coloreds and I think you might
be on to something…
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Via Rotten Tomatoes, we see that someone has some issues with both the play and the movie version of Rent:

I hated every 135 minutes of it. Heroic HIV-positive New Yorkers who do nothing and do not want to pay rent. They worship a flirty drag queen named Angel.
Victoria Alexander

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Creator, author and composer Jonathan Larson died the night of final dress rehearsal of an aortic aneurysm before his 36th birthday. RENT became a sensation first off and on Broadway earning a Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize. I’m shocked that a musical about AIDS, heroin, and squatters could become the eighth longest running musical in Broadway history with over 4,000 performances. It has grossed more than $210 million in New York alone. After seeing the movie, I’m glad I didn’t go to the Las Vegas performances of this acknowledged worldwide phenomenon.

I understand that the musical has a huge following, but the movie RENT will not. Why hail the lives of a group of people who do nothing, engage in sexually risky behavior, get terminally ill, and refuse to pay their rent? Because they feel that it is only important to love and let someone else pay the Con Ed bill? To find this “truth,” these misfits have traversed a lifestyle of anonymous, multiple sex partners and needle drugs. Larson ignores what made this group of sweet kids damaged souls of hopelessness.


I didn’t like the music. I know it is sacrilegious to write anything negative about RENT (as the show-stopping song goes, “but I am who I am”). And, like the SERENITY and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA fans, I am sure I will hear from everyone who ever brought a ticket to RENT and cried. After all, it is a musical about HIV-positive young people who haven’t a care in the world. The creator died at 36 years old of an aortic aneurysm before enjoying the perks of creating the first Gay AIDS musical.

Finally, someone who makes Govindini Murtry look like Pauline Kael…

The girls are off at another soccer tournament this weekend but we have plans to go see Rent on Sunday, Chris Columbus or no Chris Columbus. We saw the West Coast premiere back in 1997 at the La Jolla Playhouse with Michael Greif directing.

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