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How the Middle East Was Won

According to London’s Daily Mirror, Billy Sol Huroc George Bush once discussed blowing up the headquarters of Arabic-language TV al-Jazeera real good with Tony Blair. The White House calls the charge "outlandish," despite the fact that the US actually did bomb Al-Jazeera’s Baghdad office in April 2003, killing journalist Tareq Ayyoub. At the time, State Department spokesmen said it was a "mistake," and called upon al-Jazeera "not to jump to conclusions."

We know it pales next to big news like Oprah ending her 14 year feud with Letterman or Bob Novak trying to rewrite the Battle of Carville by punching a fellow passenger on a flight to Chicago. But all we want to know is — does this mean Eason Jordan gets his job back?

(hat tip to John Amato for the Eason Jordan reminder)

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Jane Hamsher

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