So this is what $3.5 million buys

Blogging has changed. Adapt or perish. 

Further pushing the envelope of the cutting edge so that it is outside of the box and creating a new paradigm, The Artist Formerly Known as OSM&#153 introduces a new feature that they call a “CARNIVAL” (they’re still looking into trademarking it just as soon as their attorney gets back from his day job at Chuck E. Cheese). A “CARNIVAL” is a collection of “links” to other “blogs” of a particular “subject” representing the views of the “bloggers” who “blog” at their respective “blog”.

In an effort to bring some “order” to this “chaos”, Pajama Redux&#174 has employed the services of a law “professor” who doesn’t seem to do much “work” at his “job”. The aforementioned “professor” briefly introduces each link after having spent countless seconds getting the “gist” of what the “raving loon” at the other end of the link was babbling about using venn diagrams and kerning and other disciplines of the type that make people move away from them at bars and coffeehouses and debate camps.

After investing hundreds of thousands of venture capital dollars on consultants, coding, editors, and really cool keyboards that are Snapple-proof, the end result can be found (here), not to be confused with this one with all of its annoying pre-groundbreaking paradigm-shifting “hehs” and “indeeds”.

The internets will never be the same….

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