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Surgeon's Book Exposes Flesh, Helps Believers Cut Out Deep-Rooted Sin

“When you see how thoroughly physical you are and how your sinful processes originate in your body, you realize you’re corrupted with sin from head to toe.”

Dr. Clark Gerhart, M.D., author of Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin

It’s the actual headline, courtesy of wingnut propaganda webrag AgapePress. Please read this and tell me if you can find any shred of science or sanity. Do you want this man cutting you open and operating on you?

A Pennsylvania surgeon says the Apostle Paul was exactly right when he called humans’ sinful nature “the flesh,” because many sins actually do have physiological connections. Dr. Clark Gerhart, M.D., author of Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin (Siloam Press, 2005), says he hopes the book will show Christians how thoroughly fleshly they are by helping them understand where their sins originate.

According to Gerhart, the human body becomes physically involved in recurring sin. “If you think about it, everything we do in life begins first with some sort of sensation,” he explains. “Whether it’s taste or touch or smell or sight or sound — one of our senses is giving us information to then process and then give a response to in absolutely everything we do.”

Gerhart is a laproscopic surgeon who also has an outfit called “Flesh and Spirit Ministries.” Gerhart has a lot to say about flesh; we learn some of the secrets of the evil flesh in his new book. Interestingly (and no surprise) his co-author is tied to the Dobson machine; he penned a book with Daddy Dobson’s boy Ryan. Based on Gerhart’s writing talents, it’s clear who must have done the heavy lifting in his book.

* Understand the surprising link between stubborn sin and your body’s processes
* Discover the common root of every recurring sin, and what to do about it
* Identify repeated patterns of behavior in your life as signs of fleshly control
* Grasp how even good things-like serving in church-can become fleshly addictions
* Learn the simple process that brings God’s cleansing power

No longer will you be a slave to the pressure that drives you to the old disobedience. No longer will the flesh keep you in wretched defeat. Once you are free of the sin that so easily entangles, you’ll even be equipped to minister to those around you. Finally, you can be free forever!

Dr. Clark Gerhart is a general surgeon in Pennsylvania. He teaches and speaks regularly on topics such as Christian life and doctrine, church ministry, marriage and family, and a variety of medical topics. Jefferson Scott is the author of six Christian novels and one nonfiction book, Be Intolerant, which he co-wrote with Ryan Dobson, son of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson.

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