Coburn: “I wish this was in every courthouse on the lawn. We need more of this, not less.”

I don’t know if you all can boot the dude, but this guy is a delusional theocrat moron. You’ll recall that earlier this month, Tommy Boy appeared on Meet the Press and explained to Tim Russert that he is uniquely qualified (as an MD) to tell whether somebody is lying just by observing their body language. Therefore, he can tell whether Strip Search Sammy Alito is telling a fib.

It’s really no shock to learn Coburn is pulling a Roy Moore and getting behind a Ten Commandments courthouse monument fringe rally in Tulsa. I just wish that this buffoon would just return to private practice. No wait, that would mean going back to his money-making practice of sterilizing underage women without their consent. Maybe the public is safer with him in the Senate where he can make a public ass of himself. (Fox News):

TULSA, Okla. – A group of pastors fired up a crowd of more than 300 people during a rally around a monument engraved with the Ten Commandments on the Haskell County Courthouse lawn.

U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn spoke Saturday at the gathering in favor of the monument, which a recent American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit says is a sign of the government favoring one religion over another. But Coburn and others who were vocal at the rally contend that the statements listed in the Ten Commandments are guidelines to a moral, law-abiding society regardless of religious beliefs.

…Jim Green, the Stigler resident who is the plaintiff in the ACLU case, was contacted by telephone and declined to comment because of the ongoing litigation. The suit is the first of its kind in Oklahoma since a July ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that Ten Commandments displays on government property are not inherently unconstitutional.

…Tim Turner, pastor of a Eufaula church, told the crowd that the problem isn’t in Stigler, where there is apparently overwhelming support for the Ten Commandments at the courthouse. The problem is in Washington, D.C., where politicians and judges make separation of church and state decisions for the nation, he said.

“Today is just a little rally,” Turner said. “The real battle is coming.”

In an interview, Coburn said the Ten Commandments are not strictly a Christian belief system, even though they come from the Bible. He also disagreed with the idea that people who practice a different religion might be intimidated by the Ten Commandments when they enter the Haskell County Courthouse.

“We can either deny our heritage . . . or we can embrace that heritage,” Coburn said. “The creators of our Constitution were men of faith.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding