We’ve got the curiously pale head of the black wingnut organization Project 21 (“The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives”), David Almasi, defending MichaelPhony Flying Oreo MassacreSteele. It just doesn’t get any weirder than this.

The first black man elected to a statewide public office in Maryland, Republican Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, found himself under attack from several critics, including many black community leaders, following his announcement in late October that he plans to run for the U.S. Senate.

But David Almasi of Project 21 says the black conservative elected official knew he would be attacked and that such attacks will continue since there exists “a very repressive environment in the black community, perpetuated from the top down, that blacks can only be a Democrat or a liberal.” Black conservatives are constantly subjected to this kind of politicized, intra-racial pressure, Almasi contends. “If you are considered to be anything off the reservation — or off the plantation, so to speak — with the black leadership,” he says, “you can be opened up to any criticism of any type, including racial epithets.” Reportedly, Steele has been dubbed an “Uncle Tom” by some members of the black community because of his conservative, pro-family leanings.

Does that make Almasi one of those newfangled vanilla-with-chocolate-filling Oreos?


Regarding Steele and any hint of where he stands on gay rights issues, it looks like he’s trying to fly beneath the radar on a state marriage amendment, but it’s clear that he’s not willing to entertain marriage equality. (Baltimore Outloud):

In Annapolis late January Michael Steele “represented” the governor by speaking briefly at a virulently anti-gay “Defend Marriage Rally” consisting of religious conservatives who were demanding a superfluous amendment to the state’s Constitution reiterating that marriage should only be allowed between a man and a woman. He backed the traditional union but did not publicly support a constitutional amendment to prevent gays from marrying. “We are here to affirm that marriage is only between a man and a woman,” Mr. Steele said. “We need to make it clear where Maryland stands.”

[I really lost it when I read this quote from the Log Cabin rep…]

Precious little evidence is available, however, that would put Michael Steele in the gay-friendly category. “I am sure Michael Steele is not a homophobe,” Joe Zuber, the former president of the Maryland Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans told me. “I consider [Steele] a friend and that he knows I’m an openly gay man. We’ve hugged.”

Is this the best we can do? Holy moley, begging and scraping for attention. It’s just pathetic. He’s just grateful Steele isn’t kicking the sh*t out of him. The Equality Maryland folks make no bones about it — Steele is a no go:

“Our community would have a lot to be concerned about if we lost Paul Sarbanes’ vacant Senate seat to Lt. Governor Michael Steele,” said Dan Furmansky, Executive Director of Equality Maryland, the state’s largest lgbt advocacy group. “Sen. Sarbanes has been a staunch supporter of lgbt rights, while our Lt. Governor has gone so far as to speak at that anti-gay rally in Annapolis organized by Del. Don Dwyer, the most extreme member of the Maryland Republican Party.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding