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Perpetual crowd scene extra/actress Govindini Murtry explains Johnny Cash to all of us elitists after spending 135 minutes with The Man in Black:

The new Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line (opening this weekend) is a well-crafted, absorbing piece of Americana that conservatives should go out and support. Shocking for a movie made in today’s Hollywood, the film treats two Red State American icons, Johnny Cash (played by Joaquin Phoenix) and June Carter Cash (played by Reese Witherspoon), with affection and respect. The film also compellingly documents one of the most fertile and inventive periods in American musical history: the 1950s and 1960s. I knew next to nothing about Johnny Cash or his music going into the film, but after of listening to 136 minutes of his terrific music, I came out a fan.

And not only a fan, she came out quite the lil Cashophile. For example, even though she knew “next to nothin about Cash“:

The film also provides excellent acting opportunities for Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Phoenix does an outstanding job playing Cash – he captures his mannerisms, quirks, and neuroses perfectly.

…as for that music she knew so little about:

The most enjoyable part of Walk The Line, though, is the music. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon do an excellent job recreating the musical numbers of Cash and Carter.

So of course, if she enjoyed it, it must be a conservative movie:

Overall,Walk The Line is well crafted and entertaining. It’s a movie that conservatives can enjoy without having their values or their intelligence gratuitously insulted. It’s nice to see a film in which talent and hard work are celebrated, and people from rural America who hold traditional values are treated with respect.

Well there is “insulted” and then there is “gratuitously insulted” but nevermind, those traditional values include drug use, divorce,and marrying the wife of one your drinking buddies that Govindini learned about during her hardscrabble life growing up dirt-poor in trailer park in Tulsa. Or at Yale after coming into the country. One of the those…

Now if the movie had gone into the eighties and nineties Govindini might have learned that Red State country music turned its back on Cash as turned its focus to puffed-up, over-coiffed, boot-scootin’ hat boys and faux-country pop tarts. Cash resurrected his career near the end of his life while recording songs by non-traditional artists like Soundgarden, Nick Cave, and Trent Reznor for Rick Rubin’s American label where Cash became quite the alt-hero.

It’s not enough that these people called dibs on Jesus, now they want all of the gods…

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