The leader of the free world's exit strategy

[UPDATE: Visited the defenders of this loser in Freeperville.]

Atrios has the whole sequence of pictures of this national worldwide embarrassment. Background from the WaPo:

Irked by a reporter who told him he seemed to be “off his game” at a Beijing public appearance, President George W. Bush sought to make a hasty exit from a news conference but was thwarted by locked doors.

…”Respectfully, sir — you know we’re always respectful — in your statement this morning with President Hu, you seemed a little off your game, you seemed to hurry through your statement. There was a lack of enthusiasm. Was something bothering you?” [the reporter] asked.

“Have you ever heard of jet lag?” Bush responded. “Well, good. That answers your question.”

The president then recited a list of things of that he viewed as positive developments from his Beijing meetings, including cooperation on North Korean nuclear disarmament and the ability to have “frank discussions” with his Chinese counterpart.

When the reporter asked for “a very quick follow-up,” Bush cut him off by thanking the press corps and telling the reporter “No you may not,” as he strode toward a set of double doors leading out of the room.

The only problem was that they were locked.

“I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn’t work,” Bush quipped, facing reporters again until an aide rescued him by pointing to him toward the correct door.


I had to see if there was any Freeper commentary on this, assuming that the dead brain cell crowd would blame the media for the Chimperor’s miscue, or that he was just being a “regular guy.” I wasn’t disappointed — this is the President that they worship.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“The smear continues unabated.”

“That was a pretty comic moment…”

“There’s only one good thing about the Post at this point, at least we know it’s not Katherine Graham that is trying to “get this president”.”

“Slow news day for Reuters?”

“I think the world needs a pressie blood sacrifice. Such a reporter needs to be sacrificed to remind the press it is but a voyeur and not a player.”

“True, it was an attempt to minimize the stature of Bush by belittling him. There’s always one more question, you have to cut it off at some point. Here the Post acts as if Bush should have stayed until every question was asked. That would take hours.”

“Reuters never misses a chance to take a cheap shot at Bush.”

“Yeah, we have no idea how many questions had been asked so far, about what, how they were asked, etc. These reporters could have been asking him “Mr. President, when did you stop beating your wife?” for all we know. I’d really like to see this in context.”

“My question is WHY was the door locked? I consider that a security hazard.”

“Manufactured news.”

“Another example of the MSM trying to embarass the President. The reporter wasn’t satisfied with one. He wanted to get in a second shot!”

“You don’t want someone coming in from behind the President do you?”

“My youngest son has recently decided on a career in journalism. I have given him official and clear warning that if becomes a liberal weenie MSM journalist or reporter that I will kick his butt (figuratively, that is) and that he will repay me and his mother every penny spent on his education. I told him to: “WRITE the story, don’t BE the story!” I do not understand for the life of me why reporters cannot be independent and fair-minded?”

“The utter hate and disrespect of the defeated liberal media toward President Bush has gone beyond any limit that we have ever imagined. It is extremely sickening. PS: From the picture that you posted above President Bush looked joyful and had a joking look on his face and I do not see at all that he is off his game.”

“This is funny as heck. He might be the leader of the free world but he cannot exit a room without assitance. I love it ! We all have days like this but not all of us have a gaggle of reporters to tell it to the whole world.”

“The great sense of humor shown by President Bush makes him very endearing as a “regular guy” who has succeeded.”

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