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Why does God hate the fundies?

Charter Oak Church, an Independent Fundamentalist Church of America in Indiana, was set afire by an act of a vengeful God, deservedly punishing them for their judgmental ways. At least that’s kind of bone headed nonsense the AmTaliban spews whenever there’s a tsunami or hurricane that “targets” people that they don’t like, or see as the source of cultural corruption. (IndyStar):

Neighbors saw the lightning bolt hit Charter Oak church near Churubusco, 15 miles northwest of Fort Wayne Tuesday evening, said Churubusco-Smith Township Fire Chief Kris Bair. But church members say the original bell and a cross hanging on the wall below where the fire started were untouched by the heat and smoke.

…Flames then shot from the west end of the building and bell tower. Soon after, firefighters left the building, Bair said. “A few minutes after interior crews came out was when the roof came down,” Bair said.

Firefighters from 10 departments in Noble, Whitley and Allen counties fought the blaze for more than three hours, Bair said. A Kendallville firefighter was treated for debris in his eye.

Thanks to Blender Holly for the pointer.

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