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I got taken to task by some guy over at Kos a while back who found my language coarse and offensive and wondered how the left could hope to win any debate when those on the right were such towering intellects, steeped in the classics and quoting Cicero at will.

At long last, I think the General finally provides the perfect riposte, as it were:

Steven S. Hoffmann
Washington University College Republicans

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

The French love the race card. Sometimes, it seems like there’s nothing we can do that the left won’t condemn as being racist. We suppress the black vote and they bring up Jim Crow. We write books about how white people are genetically endowed with greater intelligence and the left goes crazy. The Republican Senate Majority says that the world would be better if segregation was still around and he’s hounded out of office. It’s like the liberals are looking for the tiniest of excuses to brand us as racists.

I haven’t had much success refuting their accusations. Everything I try just makes it worse. That’s why I’m intrigued by the novel approach you took to rebut a columnist’s charge that many College Republicans are racist. Calling him a "nigger" was a brilliant response. I’m eager to see how that works out for you.

Heterosexually yours,
Gen. JC Christian, patriot

I hope the General will forgive me for quoting his letter in toto. (That’s French, right?)

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