Call the waaahhhmbulance for this baby…he has no case against ABC, but I hope they air this trashy episode of Wife Swap. My question is, since most of these reality TV participants whore their way onto these programs, they shouldn’t be surprised when they get tossed a curve ball.

An Oklahoma man who agreed to take part in the ABC show “Wife Swap” is suing the producers for more than $10 million after the “wife” they sent to his home was a gay man.

Jeffrey Bedford of Haileyville says in his suit that he was “misled” and “threatened” by the producers. The suit names Walt Disney – the parent company of ABC, the network, and production company RDF Media.

Bedford says he became so emotionally distraught that he suffered “physical and mental illness.”

Bedford claims that when he told the producers he did not want a “gay wife” they threatened not to tell him his wife’s location and would not pay for her to be sent home. The suit also claims that during the episode when Bedford conducted his regular Bible study at his home for the Haileyville Baptist Church, the gay swap participant invited a gay coalition to take part in the study.

It also contends that when he continued to protest to producers they repeatedly told him his wife was leaving him. The suit says he became so emotionally distraught he became physically and mentally ill and was forced to drop out of a college course he was taking.

His fragile ego suggests that he had no business being on a show called “Wife Swap.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding