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Picking Up the 7-10 Split

Emptywheel has an amazing post up right now on the Woodward/Mr. X connection, and in the comments today she points out the following little factoid.

Today’s WaPo:

Woodward, who was questioned by Fitzgerald on Monday, has refused to reveal the source’s name publicly, but a person familiar with the investigation said the source had testified earlier in the case.

Adam Entous, Reuters:

A lawyer in the case said Woodward’s source had not previously testified before a grand jury in the leak case.

The only two people known to have testified in the matter, but not under oath and not before the grand jury: Richard B. Cheney and George W. Bush.

On the other hand, Jeff sends us over to the London Sunday Times, where Michael Smith — who, as Valley Girl reminds us, was the man who turned up the Downing Street Memo — says that “Mr. X” is Stephen Hadley.

Can I just say that we have the most amazing comments section anywhere in the blogosphere? I’m really grateful for the effort that people put into it. It’s where I get all my best tips, theories and links, and I really appreciate the opportunity to test out ideas (both good and bad) with people who follow the story closely before I post them. And the more I read around the blogosphere, the more I recognize stuff I’ve seen hashed out here in the comments. Which is totally cool, I couldn’t be happier. But you guys and gals should just know, I think you’ve got some pretty big lurkers.

(graphic by Monk at Inflatable Dartboard)

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