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'Ex-gay' experts convene to make the case for 'curing' homos

[UPDATE: Freeper response has bubbled up from the swamp…]

These people are dangerous. How many gays and lesbians, desperate to avoid being ostracized from their fundamentalist families, seek out bogus outfits like Exodus International and Love in Action. The organizations promote “reparative” or “reorientation” therapy prey on the poor souls that turn to them, hoping the gay can be chased away. Using a combination of prayer and ludicrous exercises, the aim is to help homos in crisis “attain the goal of reaching their heterosexual potential.”

The first thing I thought of when I saw this AgapePress article on the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), conference, held in Marina del Rey, California, was that the gay bars in the area had to have been packed with attendees from the gathering.

NARTH comprises more than 1,000 therapists, sociologists, and psychoanalysts who believe homosexuality is not inborn and can be changed. However, the organization’s November 11-13 gathering in Marina del Rey (Los Angeles County) attracted an angry group of protesters, many of whom argued that reparative therapy is dangerous and encourages self-hatred in homosexuals.

However, one of the conference speakers, Exodus International president Alan Chambers, disagrees. “I myself was a homosexual man 15 years ago,” he says, “and for over a decade now, I have been leading a heterosexual life. And it wasn’t about me hating myself; it was about me wanting something different than what I found myself struggling with.”

According to Chambers, the fact that ex-homosexuals exist invalidates the notion that homosexuality is biologically determined. And at the same time, he contends, those homosexual activists and other individuals who deny that hundreds of thousands of men and women have found freedom from homosexuality are, in effect, invalidating their own messages calling for tolerance and respect.

Alan Chambers says leaving behind his life as a homosexual man was the equivalent of the Hebrews’ biblical exodus from slavery in Egypt. As executive director of Exodus International, he’s touts the organization’s classes to help their institutionalized straight wannabes butch up by tossing a football around. For more on straight-shooting Alan, check out Wayne Besen‘s site, who says: “Can you believe that THIS QUEEN is the international leader of the”ex-gay” ministries???

Among the protesters denouncing the NARTH event was homosexual L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, a practicing Catholic. [Love that candid, unbiased description!] According to an blog, Rosendahl called the group’s research and methods “unproven, unsafe and abusive,” and described its persistence in viewing homosexuality as a condition to be corrected as “another form of rationalization for the continued persecution and prejudice against gay people.”

…Chambers believes more people than ever are finding out that homosexuality is detrimental to an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health. And, he asserts that, as countless people — himself included — have demonstrated, same-sex desires can be overcome with the help of Jesus Christ.

You can read about the Exodus founders that ran off with each other, Gary Cooper and Michael Bussee, on Anything But Straight by Wayne Besen. It also features the downfall of other “ex-gay” proponents:

* In the early 1970’s Gary Cooper and Michael Bussee were counselors at an “ex-gay” ministry in Anaheim, Calif. In 1976, they organized the first national conference of “ex-gay” ministries. At this conference, Exodus International was formed and it is now the world’s largest “ex-gay” organization. While traveling on behalf of Exodus, the two men acknowledged that they had not changed and were in love with each other. They soon divorced their wives, moved in together and eventually held a commitment ceremony.

* In 1979, Seventh Day Adventist minister Colin Cook founded Homosexuals Anonymous (HA). Appearing twice on the Phil Donahue show, he solidified his reputation in the early 80’s as the nation’s premier “ex-gay” spokesperson. But Cook’s efforts collapsed in 1986 after he was exposed for leading mutual masturbation sessions and giving clients nude massages. Cook moved to Colorado and made a comeback in 1992 by helping Colorado for Family Values and Focus on the Family promote their anti-gay agenda. But in 1995, Cook’s efforts unraveled, once again, after several of Cook’s clients accused him of phone sex, mutual masturbation and inappropriate hugs.

* In 1987, Jeremy Marks founded Courage, London’s first “ex-gay” ministry. In 2001, after nearly 15 years of watching people – including himself – struggle in vain to “change”, he renounced Exodus’s methods by saying that they were failing in their efforts to change peoples’ sexual orientation.

* In 2000, Wade Richard’s appeared as a media spokesperson for a group called the Saviors Alliance for Lifting the Truth and gave his testimony of “change” at a major press conference sponsored by right-wing zealot Peter LaBarbera, who now works at Concerned Women for America. But a year later, Richards rebuked the “ex-gay” ministries when he came out in an interview with the Advocate magazine.

* John Paulk was the most famous “ex-gay” in history having appeared on 60 Minutes, Oprah, and on the cover of Newsweek. But it was his appearance in a Washington, DC gay bar in September 2000 that got him in hot water. After he was photographed, he was suspended as Chairman of Exodus and put on a temporary “hiatus” by Focus on the Family.

As you might expect, the Freepi line up behind these groups. Read on for some “science” talk from the knuckle-draggers…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Tolerance and respect in general is never what the homosexual groups wanted. The only tolerance they wanted was to their sexual acts, and the only respect they wanted was to homosexuals over heterosexuals.”

angry group of protesters, many of whom argued that reparative therapy is dangerous

Yes it is — to their twisted, selfish agenda.”

“The “born that way” provides them with two uses. First, it pushes the public to accept homosexuality as “natural”. Second it sticks it to the religious who believe that homosexual acts are sinful, because “how can God condemn someone when He made them that way”? Therefore discounting Christianity entirely.”

“Is it any surprise that a “catholic” would have trouble grasping reality? I was once a lesbian but am no longer. I decided I wanted to obey the Lord more than satisfy my sinful thoughts. It was really that simple. I still find women attractive, but I don’t lust over them. I am happy and at peace with God over this issue.”

“The catholic had a problem with understanding that one is not born gay. That’s my point. No one is born gay. Period.”

“Having had a lot more contact with gays than I suspect the average person here has, I’ve come around to the idea that homosexuality is a genetic propensity rather than an environmental one. I suspect that the “success stories” of Reparative Therapy were either not all that gay, or decided that they’d rather climb back into the closet than dea
l with the stress of family/social ostracism. Flame away.”

“Ask your evolutionist how a “gay” gene can survive even a dozen generations. If you prefer inquire of your intelligent designer what he had in mind if he made homosexuality a built in.”

“I agree, and it really doesn’t have much to do with the theory of evolution. If homosexuality were actually genetic, homosexuality would have ceased to exist thousands of years ago due to the fact that the gene would have disappeared through the elimination of reproduction.”

“Well, no, because in past generations there was no discrete social category for homosexuality. Everyone was expected to marry and reproduce, and most gave it a whack, although there were certainly many complaints about some of the effeminate husbands of the upper classes who sired heirs but fooled around with other men and neglected their wives. That said, I don’t believe homosexuality is inborn.”

“God bless you! You made the right decision for your life and your child(ren).”

“Why do you agree with the reports of one group (gays) over the reports of another group (ex-gays)? There is no objective proof one way or another, just personal bias in choosing one over another.”

“This isn’t a flame. Just pointing out that many therapists and counselors, over many years, have helped thousands of homosexuals leave the “gay” life. A lot more experience, time, sheer numbers and knowledge than your opinion based on anecdotal homosexuals you have personally known.”

“Recent research into brain recovery from trauma like stroke points to the brain’s ability to grow larger in areas that receive a lot of cognitive attention; therefore, the brain of a violinist at death will be structured differently from the brain of an administrator, etc. Much of what may appear to you to be the result of genetics may actually be the result of repeated thoughts and behaviors.”

“A number of homosexuals do not discover their orientation until after they start families. ( How they do that is beyond me. The thought of having homosexual sex is so off putting, that I cannot imagine how they could have opposite sex if they are wired for same sex)”

“So, in that case, even if it is genetic, one still has to consciously decide to engage in the behavior. Which means that a person has the ability, through free will, to not behave in this way, or even to ask God to remove the desire to commit this sinful behavior. And all of this means that there is no reason for a person to remain a homosexual if they don’t desire to.”

“actually the science fails to back up any claim of the homosexuals. There is no homosexual gene. period. That is not bias, that is just science. They have mapped the human genome. Found the the six or so variants of the breast cancer gene, have found the location of any other number of inherited birth defects. HOWEVER this one sexual behavior has failed to appear in a gene.”

“Why have the homoadvocates not explained away the prison populations with their “gay gene” mythology? The reason is that the homosexual argument of “born that way” is a political statement in order to drive a political agenda. It has never had ANYTHING to do with science. Homosexuality is just another abnormal fetish.”

“That is my point, there is no objective proof for either group. Therefore deciding that one group is inborn and another is not is based on self reports by the members of the groups. The choice for believeing either group is based on personal bias. I happen to think its not nature, but nurture and my view is not objective.”

Among the protesters denouncing the NARTH event was homosexual L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, a practicing Catholic.

He may be a practicing Catholic. But only because his priest and bishop are not. Our bishop here has told abortion and sodomy advocates to consider themselves excommunicated. And they got the message.”

“According to an blog, Rosendahl called the group’s research and methods “unproven, unsafe and abusive,” and described its persistence in viewing homosexuality as a condition to be corrected as “another form of rationalization for the continued persecution and prejudice against gay people.”

“Let’s see how this sounds compared to other sexual deviance: ‘…viewing necrophilia as “another form of rationalization for the continued persecution and prejudice against necrophiliacs.”‘ Are we expected to take such nonsense seriously?”

“These liberals are all about choice. But not when it comes to sexuality. And yet, they hug up to bisexuals too. And each time the bisexual selects a sex partner, they ‘choose’ all over again whether to be hetero or homo. And that’s fine with the libs and sodomites who love to celebrate such ‘diversity’. But let a sodomite or a therapist offer hope for normal family life to other sodomites who want it for themselves and just watch them come out of the closets screaming at the top of their lungs over how evil it all is.”

“Yes it is a behavior. To accept one is born with a propensity for same sex attraction, one would have to accept that one can be born with a propensity for attraction to animals, or for someone who is bi sexual. Any other behavior you can possibly think of would have to qualify, and it really is quite ridiculous. As much as we are told it is natural, there is no basis for that notion.”

“The mind is like your hard drive. If a program is faulty and a few dll`s are corrupt, they can be repaired.”

“Physically homosexuality does not make sense. Why give men genitals designed to be used on woman genitals which the walls are designed to receive and handle the male organ? Yet the walls of the rectum is easilly torn if it receives the male organ, increasing the risk of blood borne diseases and infections. Liberals believe in evolution and yet they ignore this evolutionary design of the male and female sex organs, and advocate the misuse of it and do not see it as abnormal. Maybe liberal thought process is abnormal.”

“You’re not alone. FR is home to others who have chosen victory in Christ over the urges of the flesh.Lust is something we all have to deal with. So, in a way your situation is special. And, also, it’s not. With Christ, there is no condemnation, no special sins, only the call to new life in Him. This is something the world does not and cannot grasp. To be a new creature in Christ is a wonderful gift. Those who protested NARTH simply have no clue what NARTH is about.”

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