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In keeping with the coffeehouse theme of this blog, I decided to fix up the digs in more earth tones. I had been contemplating a redesign for a while, and just finally decided to sit down and work on it. That’s why my posting and comments have been light.

Fellow bloggrrrl Shake Sis actually launched her own redesign yesterday, which looks great, btw. She kindly contributed this new fab logo for the Blend (someone hire this gal!), and the blog layout itself is based on the Accidental Khaki Erisfree template, which I futzed around with last night and this AM.

What do you think of the renovations to the pad?

UPDATE: 12:45AM Sat: lots of time spent tweaking to get the freaking BlogAds to display properly, but it’s fixed. Please continue to comment on the design and any display issues and performance (load times).

Also, for those of you that commented early on after the switchover (and posted in the Blogger interface), your comments aren’t hosed. You can now see them when you hit the permalink for the post. They are located after the entry. [I had forgotten to load the Haloscan code, so for a short while your posts “disappeared.”]

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding