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Get out the tiny violin for Dover, PA wingnuts

“There are those who resist all efforts of academic freedom when it comes to the subject of evolution,” Gramley says in a press release. “It seems [evolution proponents] may be insecure in their views as they so viciously attack those who try to offer students the opportunity to explore a different viewpoint.”
— Diane Gramley, head of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania

Bite me. Waah, waah, little babies, crying because they were STOMPED in the election, with all the “intelligent design” knuckle-draggers on the Dover school board in Santorum‘s state, booted because people are sick of these flat-earth moralists.

A pro-family activist in Pennsylvania is lamenting school board election results in a city that spawned a highly publicized federal trial over the teaching of evolution and intelligent design in public schools.

Residents in Dover recently voted in eight new Democratic board members, replacing all eight current members who had voted for a science policy that was challenged in court. The Dover science required students in ninth-grade biology classes to hear a statement on intelligent design before hearing lessons on evolution. The statement encouraged students to keep an open mind to various theories about the origin of life, including intelligent design.

Diane Gramley, who heads the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, believes that both students and taxpayers were the losers in last week’s election — and that academic freedom in Dover has taken a blow.

…[Excuses, excuses] “The teachers are very disappointed with the current school board because it’s a very frugal school board [that has] not raised taxes in the entire time they’ve been on the board,” Gramley shares. In addition, she says, an increase in teacher salaries also played a part. “They’re negotiating with the teachers [who] want a big pay raise, and this board has said ‘we can’t afford it.’ And the teachers union was very much involved with the race.”

…”[Voters] bought into the lie that was being perpetuated by the other side,” she says. “There was a group started called ‘Dover Cares’ shortly after the lawsuit was brought. I mean, that’s a nice-sounding name — Dover Cares — and they had money from the teachers union funneled through this organization because they had a candidate or two running who were Dover Cares candidates.”

She wonders if the new members of the school board will permit students to know there is a controversy over the origin of life and that not all scientists agree on the issue. “Their answer,” she says, “will reveal their true intent for academic freedom in the district.”

Diane, we want your children…we will make them heathens and deviants…or worse, reality-based scientists. boohoo..boohoo.

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