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Another record low for the Chimp: 34%

How would you rate the job President George W. Bush is doing as president: excellent, pretty good, only fair, or poor?”

That’s the question Harris Interactive asked, and Bush is swirling the bowl at a record 34% approvalwhat a mandate!

Darth Cheney, lord of the dark side of torture, is spiraling down to numbers still too high for my taste: 30%, down from from 35% in August.

Secretary of Defense Rummy’s approval ratings dropped to 34% from 40%, and how about this: Secretary of State Condi Rice’s approval ratings fell to 52% from 57%.

How Condi manages those ridiculously high numbers can only be explained by half of the sheeple not knowing what the hell she does, aside from her public role co-mothering the infant-in-chief.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding