Beware the pernicious Islamist, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

We’re all gonna die. Posted by Picasa

You’ve got to hand it to the Malkins. When they took time off to go to that marriage retreat for people with anger management issues, they left their blog in the hands of some of America’s Most Entertaining Bedlamites.

First we had to stand guard against those wily Canucks:

Keep a sharp eye on fresh developments in both Canada and Cuba, two countries with rogue, corrupt and repressive regimes that don’t know when to cut their losses and leave town.

Now we see that things are just going to hell in a handbasket because nobody wants to fight the good fight anymore:

Democrat Rep. John Murtha said today that we can’t win the war in Iraq. That would be news if he hadn’t said the exact same thing a year ago. So today’s speech wasn’t as much a change of heart as a change of venue.

But it was enough to make Rod Dreher leave a big puddle on the floor. Seriously, one more panic like that and Bill Buckley may have to lend Dreher one of his testicles.

Sorry for being so blunt. I’m tired of the GOP panic on the war. And I’m way past tired of the Democrat lies about this war. I’m tired of the likes of Andrew Sullivan, whose overwrought, emotional blog writing now meets the McCain definition of torture, and I’m tired of the likes of the Clintons. And frankly I’m past treating the left with anything resembling due respect. The present situation can come to no good. We have the formerly security savvy party running for the door at light speed. We have the moonbat party aiding and abetting the enemy.

And we have a pernicious, ambitious enemy fighting against our troops in the field and plotting to kill us right here.

Have a nice day.

It must be terribly frustrating for Bryan to know that no matter how much he posts about how dangerous the world is, other people aren’t doing anything about it! It’s like everyone is too busy doing something else with their lives and can’t be bothered to go fight creeping Islamofacism while Bryan perfects The Ultimate Google Bomb which is totally gonna rock, oh yeah baby, gonna make his-toe-ree…

If we don’t all die first.

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