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Why is Bill O'Reilly spying on queers at Brown?

A still frame from a video recording shot around 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning catches “O’Reilly Factor” producer Jesse Watters, above, filming for the show’s Monday night segment on Sex Power God. (clip: Oliver Schulze)

Could it be…ratings? O’Reilly sends an “undercover” producer to tape “debauchery” at a queer party at Brown. Yeah, I’m sure there were no frat parties or keggers that he could have found at any other college, highlighting what goes on when straight folks party down. (Brown Daily Herald via PageOneQ):

Brown’s annual Sex Power God tradition made national news Monday night when Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” aired footage of Saturday’s party taped by a producer who attended the Queer Alliance event but did not identify himself at the time.

The Fox News Web site described the segment as an investigation into “the party Brown University doesn’t want YOU to know about!”

To add to the bullsh*t, O’Lielly didn’t have his facts right (what’s new there), so he just went on the air and lied. His whole focus was to point out that Brown was paying for the event and thus endorsing it. Brown didn’t pay for the party.

O’Reilly argued that it was inappropriate for Brown to use University property and the “$100 student government fee” – actually a $136 per year student activities fee – for a party in which many students got hurt. “I’m sure there are a lot of students who don’t want their money to go to this,” he said.

In fact, no University money went toward the event, said Undergraduate Finance Board Chair Swathi Bojedla ’07. Instead, Queer Alliance paid for the event with funds it had raised, she said.

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