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Triangle Bloggers Bash in Durham

I had a great time last night at the Triangle Bloggers Bash, which was held at the kick-ass American Tobacco Historic District in downtown Durham. It was organized by the incredibly cheerful Anton Zuiker of Mr. Sugar. I say incredibly cheerful because I just learned, by surfing over to his pad, that his place had been broken into before the event! Good grief — he certainly didn’t let on.

The evening started off with a tour of the impressive new studios of WUNC (public radio station). It is located right off of the main courtyard, across from the restored Lucky Strike water tower and a graceful, flowing man-made river that runs through the complex. Take it from someone who works in a nearby renovated tobacco warehouse (Brightleaf Square), this revamping is masterfully done, inside and out. Best of all – free WiFi in the courtyard!

The studio tour was also paired with a wonderful spread of food sponsored by, an online book-publishing company, which allows you to self-publish in an incredible turn-around time. Anton did a book with them that was produced in two days.

It was a great turnout – I am bad with head counts, but I’d say we had maybe 40-50 bloggers (and those interested in blogs), including the WUNC staff mingling for an hour or so. The festivities moved to one of the restaurants in the ATHD complex, Tyler’s Tap Room, where WRAL (our CBS affilliate) and Henry Copeland of BlogAds sponsored beverages. They have a strong online presence and interest in the blogosphere and maintain a list of local bloggers.

The highlight, of course, is meeting new people — and those that you know only as an online presence. I chatted with ae of Arse Poetica; I hadn’t seen her since our adventure with the Westboro Baptist loons at the Durham School of the Arts back in May.

AE, with Bora; Bora and you-know-who.

I finally met Bora Zivkovic of Science and Politics. Blenders know him by his commenter handle — Coturnix. We had a great time chatting about the real and virtual worlds, and geeky stuff like what we find when we Google ourselves. Now that’s a pair of dweebs.

You can see more pictures of the event here and here.


It must be meet-the-blogger week in these parts, because I will get the chance to meet up with Jill from Brilliant at Breakfast, on Friday, who’s in town for a family visit.

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