When will we see him on the catwalk?

We know that the Devil wears Prada, so Satan must be sharing his tastes with the fashion trendsetter sitting in the Vatican.

Ratzi’s shocking people with his lavish choices — and shimmering custom frocks. Do Blenders think that there is a tie here to Benedict’s homo-bigoted policies, or just a desire to play Vegas? Hmmmm. (Newsweek):

Pope Benedict XVI is nothing short of a religious-fashion icon, riding in the Popemobile with red Prada loafers under his cassock and Gucci shades. But his penchant for designer wear and a move to ditch the papal tailors who have dressed popes for more than 200 years are causing new wrinkles in the Vatican.

Benedict has favored his tailor from his days as cardinal, Alessandro Cattaneo, and the 20-year-old religious-fashion house of Raniero Mancinelli, which has provided the pope with dazzling new vestments (some with shimmering, sequinlike details).

I’ll leave it to you all for the witty commentary. 🙂

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding