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'Dean' Flickinger on Iraq

Uncle Sam needs HIM.

As we expected, we find the recruiter of fine young conservative minds, “Dean” Christopher Flickinger, is a card-carrying member of the Yellow Elephant brigade. Here’s his ballsy excuse for not stepping up to serve and take an IED for his Dear Leader, from the Conservatives On Campus web site (no, I’m not linking to him – I’ve given him plenty of hits already), in response to some “hate mail.”

I’m not in Iraq because I don’t have to be in Iraq. We have brave men and women who volunteer and dedicate their lives to fighting for our country so those of us back here at home may carry on with our livelihoods in comfort and security. But, make no mistake, Americans who cherish freedom and liberty will not hesitate to defend the values they hold dear.

And he actually digs in deeper, in a column for Human Events. Read this godawful bullsh*t:

The loss of 2,000 lives is tragic. In fact, the loss of even one life is heartbreaking. But, to pick some sort of magical “death toll number” as to when America should tuck its tail between its legs and run is down right un-American! They want to know, “How many more?” The answer is: “As many as it takes.” The price of 2,000 lives over a two and a half year period – for the cause of freedom – is small compared to what our forefathers paid.

There, my friends, is the Right Wing. Joseph Hughes (the former roomie of “Dean” Christopher Flickinger) is on a tear about this:

“Make no mistake,” you tell us, “Americans who cherish freedom and liberty will not hesitate to defend the values they hold dear.” How, exactly, are you defending the values you hold dear? Have you taken up arms in this Global War on Terror that your leader loves to wage? Have you enlisted in the armed forces, joining those “brave men and women” you mentioned? Have you fought for those same men and women once they have returned home only to see their benefits cut? Of course you haven’t.

Instead, you’ve decided to cash your chips and sit back, relax, and let someone else’s sons and daughters fight for your values, for your imperial foreign policy. You’ve chosen instead to enlist other like-minded twits to form the next generation of war-era cowards. You romanticize war, you fetishize it. War, to you and your ilk, is nothing more than a patriotic snuff film, a masturbatory aide. Yet despite your bluster, your bravado, you refuse to fight. Why? Because someone else will.

I decided to take a look at some of the Flicka’s “Thank You” mail, and it seems to me that the “Dean” doesn’t mind bullying professors on campus; he’s a great candidate to suit up and use his “skillz” over in Baghdad:

Mr. Flickinger did an amazing job confronting my professor…. It was truly amazing to see such a feared man on our campus quiver back into the corner…. When Flickinger brought this issue to national attention, there was an instant breeze of attitude change that came over Simpson’s campus. For the first time students saw that they didn’t have to back down to bullying professors. Students don’t need this sort of added pressure and intimidation in their lives, and it is going to take people like Mr. Flickinger and Human Events Online to address these issues. Often, students think that they don’t have options but to back down when facing professors who are wrong, but this is simply not the case!
— Christopher Erickson, President, Simpson College Republicans (Iowa)

Do we want to put any money on whether Mr. Erickson is a fellow Yellow Elephant? The “Dean” is tight with Christopher, having written a knee-slapping profile in Human Events of thwarted conservative protest against Senator Tom Harkin, so that would explain the “Thank You” letter. BTW, I still don’t see the ads rolling in on Flicka’s site. You’d think the dork would be capitalizing on the exposure. No Freepi advertisers ready to sign on, Chris?

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