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Well it was a hectic day for our intrepid new paradigm-ers as they launched their shiny new $3.5 million flagship and then watched as it slowly moved away from the dock only to stop and then just sit there making an occasional gurgling noise in the shallows.

As I’m sure you’re aware, a whole bunch of bloggers just up from the minors signed up with OSM&#153 &#169 &#174 &#64 with starry eyes and a dream of making it to The Show where they could strut their stuff with the big guys and rub shoulders with giants or, if not giants, then Glenn Reynolds.

Any port in a storm, don’cha know.

And so we thought we would see what kind of impact these dreamers, these crazy kids with a song in their hearts and Cheetos dust on their fingertips, could expect from being in on the ground floor of the greatest innovation since Microsoft Bob.

Eh. Not so much.

OSM’s lead story for most of the day was the absolutely riveting tale of “Tuesday’s UN-convened World Summit on the Information Society that will allow the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a US non-profit corporation, will continue to oversee the governing of cyberspace for the time being”.

Heady, gripping, hard-nipple-inducing stuff indeed. And if that didn’t give you techywood, then you need only visit one of the linked bloggers below the post who were exhorted to “KEEP DIGGING“.

Having a few minutes to kill before went back to ogling the Jennifer Anniston cover on the new GQ, we decided to visit one of the new kids and see what kind of traffic OSM tossed his way. In this case it was Don Singleton of…Don Singleton. And what did Don reap for his pains?

Not much.

I’m not saying that picking up an extra 40 hits a day is anything to sneeze at (although, in context, Kos gets about 40 hits in the time it takes him to sneeze) but, with all of the hoopla and VC money being blown on body shots off of John Podhoretz at OSMfest, you would think that more than a measly forty people would have at least pity-clicked on Don (and, no, that’s not a new euphemism for internets sex. Yet) to find out how the MSM completely distorted this story in an effort to help the terrorists and gays and ACE Hardware cashiers who won’t say “Have a Merry Christmas” when you try to buy cleft spackle. But as they say elsewhere: sadly, no.

Anyway, hang in there Don. Sometimes things don’t rise like they should; it happens to all blogs once in awhile.

Blame it on the booze.

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