Can I borrow a number 2 pencil?

I really hope that Open Sores Media, LLC M-O-U-S-E&#153 doesn’t blow through their seed money too fast because this is going to be fun. Case in point: BLOGJAM!

Apparently Blogjam is a real-time comments forum where invited OSM bloggers haggle over the stories of the day and we get to see those who can think on their feet (or, more accurately, on their tushes) and those who are woefully unprepared but show up anyway. In this Blogjam, the first posed question is:

Should Rove be indicted?

Is the increasing criminalization of party politics in Washington, D.C. a growing problem? And what is the Plame Affair really about anyway?

We’ll disregard the general stupidity of the question and move on to our first contestant, LaShawn Barber, someone I have always avoided posting about because, well, even I’m not that cruel. Take it away, LaShawn:

#1 La Shawn Barber at October 23, 2005 10:16 AM

My answer: I haven’t been following the news lately, but I don’t know what Rove has done to be indicted. However…on principle, I think he should be indicted for whatever advice he’s giving Bush on his amnesty-illegal-aliens scheme. Plame affair? Boring. 😉

I guess no one told her that there was gonna be a pop quiz today.

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