The brown paper wrapper existed for a reason. Its existence acknowledged the harm that can come from an impure thought.

— Jane Jiminez, a former elementary school teacher and “freelance writer dedicated to issues of importance to women and the family.”

Oh. my. god. If you are a regular Blend reader you are familiar with Jane Jiminez, the AgapePress columnist in need of, well, something. She’s written about the evils of dancing (see my post, “Pelvic thrusts are the devil’s work“), and birth control (Emergency contraception is the devil’s work).

However, this week, Jane’s obsessing about advertising and porn (and Paris Hilton). (AgapePress):

It used to arrive in a plain brown paper wrapper. Schoolboys lucky enough to find a hidden copy would sneak off to share it at school … a perfect way to win points with their friends.

In the span of one lifetime, the plain brown paper wrapper has been recycled to make in-your-face glossy catalogues and wall-sized murals of nearly naked teens suggestively posed by Abercrombie & Fitch. MTV puts the photos to music. And video games draw you into the fun.

Fully fusing porn with American family life, last May, hometown burger king, Carl’s Jr. gave Dads something to watch with their young boys. Paris Hilton, barely clad in a thong bikini, “with hoses shooting up everywhere,” writhed in suds atop a Bentley … seductively licking her lips over a hamburger.

Well, alrighty then.

Jane goes on to profile a teacher that helps scare young people with porn and chastity stories.

Dana spends five days each week in the classroom talking about sex with teens. She and the kids cover the physical, emotional and relational reasons for abstaining from sex until marriage.

On the last day of class, Dana brings up the subject of porn. “I can see it in their eyes,” she says. “Half of the kids in the class look down at their desks. They’re involved with porn, and they’re embarrassed.”

Dana has a hard job in a culture that mixes porn with simple television commercials for hamburgers. She must help students understand the damage of an impure thought. She must lead them through the natural consequences of linking a beautiful expression of intimate sexual love to the heartless eroticism of porn.

This unhinged woman has too much time on her hands, not to mention she’s behind the curve. Railing on Paris Hilton for that ad at this stage is so yesterday.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding