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'Bald Ego' Murkowski gets 'unusable' jet on Alaskans' dime

Man, you just can’t make it up — the balls on this dude (and lack of brains). Can’t do without the airborne flushable crapper, eh Frank?

Critics have dubbed it “Bald Ego,” “Murky’s Turkey” and “Incontinental Airlines,” but Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski finally has the sleek executive jet he says he and other state officials need.

The $2.6 million Westwind aircraft, equipped with a leather sofa, burgundy carpeting and a flush toilet, arrived this week in Anchorage and will replace a no-frills turboprop used by previous Alaska governors for official business.

Critics say Murkowski’s jet is unusable in much of rural Alaska, where runways are too short and made of gravel or nonexistent. Murkowski press secretary Becky Hultberg defended the purchase, saying the Republican governor believes that “this is an aircraft that Alaska needs as one of the most aviation-dependent states in the nation.”

Alaska, which has a $30 billion oil-wealth savings account, is in better financial shape than most U.S. states. But the jet purchase has been cited as one reason for the former banker’s low approval ratings.

Polls show him to be the nation’s second-most-unpopular governor, topped only by Ohio Republican Gov. Robert Taft.

Speaking of the corrupt Taft, have you seen Time Magazine’s piece “The Worst Governors in America – Bob Taft“?

The only thing more stunning than the spectacle of a quivering, hangdog Ohio Governor pleading no contest in August to criminal charges is the fact that he is still in office. Bob Taft, the Republican great-grandson of a U.S. President and son of a Senator, could have received a two-year jail term for failing to report, as state law requires, 47 golf outings paid for by others, but a municipal-court judge let him walk after slapping him with a $4,000 fine. Taft has since ignored thunderous demands for his resignation, even from many onetime allies.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding