The publicist’s bitch

Brian Maloney (yeah, I’d never heard of him before either, but he’s filling in the ‘fake outrage‘ slot for Malkin while she gets her annual distemper shots) is shocked to find out that publicists somehow arrange for their clients to give fluff interviews for weekend Arts & Leisure sections. No! It’s true! When a celebrity like, say, Tom Cruise has a new movie coming out, this sinister person called a “publicist” actually contacts people employed by the paper and sets up “interviews” in an effort to promote “the new movie”.

Here’s a wide-eyed Brian:

Was Sunday’s upbeat New York Times piece on Air America hosts Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes at least partly the result of a “pitch” by the liberal radio network’s public relations department?

Could that make “They Look Nothing Like Rush Limbaugh” the result of a corporate spin campaign? Is that journalism?

After receiving a document-backed inside tip, the Radio Equalizer is investigating whether Air America’s Jamie Horn convinced New York Times reporter Susan Brenna to write a self-serving piece on Air America’s female hosts.

Should America’s third-largest newspaper allow reporters to accept story ideas from PR flaks? Or is that better suited for small-town shopper publications?

…and here is Brian’s devastating “document-backed inside tip” in all its brutal glory:

From: Jaime Horn
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 4:25 PM
Subject: Good press is on the way…I hope!

Good news:

NYT wants to do a profile on both Rachel and Randi to run in the Sunday’s Arts/Leisure section some time in October. I had been pitching a Women of the Liberal Media piece, I am not sure how they decided on Rachel and Randi but I want to go with it.

The reporter wants to come in an hour or so before each show, sit-in during the show, and then interview both Randi and Rachel after their shows are over.

I am setting the interviews up for late September, will keep you posted on other details to come.



Roll over, Edward R Murrow.

Next thing you know newspapers will allow their movie critics and culture writers to go on junkets and see premieres and attend film festivals where they will be wined and dined by studios until they finally agree to sell their souls and the reputation of their employers down the river for a chance to interview Freddie Prinz Jr. for an article entitled, “The Fresh Prinz of Bel Air“.

I don’t want to live in a world like that…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....