Can’t you just smell the excrement excitement?

It’s Pajama Day!

In the Big Apple for the Big Launch

Many PJ types are starting to assemble here at the W Hotel on Lex. In the house already… Ed Driscoll (with his wife PJ attorney Nina Yablok) and Tim Blair… more to come.

…and what could be more exciting than partying with Ed Driscoll! Dude is a total madman….

When Glenn gets there, they are all gonna get so wrecked.

(Added) Dear Lord.

I love this from NR:

Isn’t this all a little pie-in-the-sky, however? Who could imagine supplanting the venerable Associated Press wire service, for instance?

“We’d be foolish not to try,” Simon replied, grinning toward Johnson. “You’re sitting four feet away from the guy who ended Dan Rather’s career.”

Is it foolish to try? It would be foolish not to try…and we’re just the fools to try it.

(Added redux) Either Simon is blocking links or his blog is down. A great start either way.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....