Jon’s cooking up some fun stuff over at his pad. Here’s one of the latest...

What a bunch of ho-beasts these pious pervs are! I have to agree with Jon when he says, “No doubt Libby’s “man-on-deer” and “bear-on-girl” forbidden love scenes would make Rick Santorum and friends cringe.”

And he’s got the scoop on The Top 10 GOP Sound Bites: Rewriting History Edition:

After the President’s shameless Veterans Day speech, the smash hit “Rewriting History“, performed by George Bush, RNC chairman Ken Mehlman and National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, jumped to the top of the charts. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s ode to Scooter Libby, “No Underlying Crime,” dropped two places to #3, while Scott McClellan’s ballad “Ongoing Investigation” held firm at #2. For the first time since January 2002, George Bush’s hard-rocking “Axis of Evil” fell off the charts altogether.

Surf over to see what landed on the Top 10.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding