My pharmacist is a Christian Scientist.
He just sits and does crossword puzzles all day long.
Never helps anyone.

Targeting women. 

Target Target

As you may recall, Target is letting its pharmacists refuse to fill your order for emergency contracptive pills (Plan B, as it’s called) simply because they find your prescription immoral. Target is now saying that they’ll fill your prescription in a “timely manner” at another pharmacy, or at their pharmacy at a later time (presumably when their holier-than-thou employee is on break).

I guess you could say that in some ways, Target is objectively pro-date-rape.

Funny. They didn’t mention that in their Sunday insert.

(Added) Mark at Nowegianity differs on the boycott and gives his reasons in comments and here. I will add this – I mentioned to the lovely and frugal Mrs. tbogg what is going on with Target and her immediate response was that she was taking her business elsewhere, and she looooves Target (which I don’t for reasons too snobbish to go into here). As a Penis-American I don’t have a uterus in this fight, but I do have a litmus test for who I do business with and who I vote for, and number one on that list is the right of a woman to determine what goes on in her own body, and when Theo-Americans start putting their spiritual needs before the physical needs of a woman with a very real problem, I don’t have to think twice.

It’s easy for me to say “boycott Target” since I like them only slightly more than Wal-Mart, but I know a lot of women in Southern California that won’t take to being treated like a slut just because some pecksniff in a white coat cares more for Deuteronomy than the Hippocratic oath.

Your conscience may vary.

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