The more we see, the less we like…

Fringe crackpot and wife of Melrose Place fanboy Jesse Malkin, Michelle Malkin hit the book hustling circuit this weekend:

I’m back at my hotel here in NYC after three wild and crazy hours with Fox & Friends, and will be taking off for WABC radio soon for a book interview with Monica Crowley at noon. Thanks for all the feedback on the show. You all know I am definitely NOT a morning person and not blessed with a natural Miss Mary Sunshine disposition, so this was definitely a strange and new experience for me.

Gee. Up until now we never really thought of her as Miss Mary Sunshine:

Hello sunshine,
Come into my life
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You’re not so innocent
You’re a disgrace to your country
If you fled a million miles
I’d chase you for a day
(If I could be bothered)
-SFA  Posted by Picasa

So it’s no surprise that her new book, Things That Piss Me Off So Much, Blood Comes Out of My Eyes isn’t exactly rocketing up the charts.

#59 on Amazon, behind America haters like Jimmy Carter, Joan Didion, Al Franken, parolee Martha Stewart, and the cutest damn dog in America.

Note to publishers: people will read books by crazy people as long as they don’t have to see the crazy people.

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