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There's nothing like Fall…

I only posted once yesterday, so thank goodness for “Radical” Russ, who served up engaging posts here.

Fall is the my favorite season; my slacker posting is the result of being seduced by the fall color, the crisp temperatures and the gently warm sun. It’s such a relief after the Carolina hot humidity weather. We were out and about yesterday.

Today Kate and I are going to hike and picnic at West Point on the Eno, a beautiful, city park several miles north of downtown Durham, with 388 acres of woods, waters, and wildlife. The fall color should still be amazing. There is a working old mill there, where corn and wheat are ground with water power. Stone-ground meal and flour, are sold in the mill’s store and they have tours year-round.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding