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New laughable winger site: Network of College Conservatives

So, how can we expect Americans, who have been brainwashed for years by leftwing educators, to embrace conservative philosophies when all they’ve been taught are liberal ideologies?”

— “Dean” Christopher Flickinger, of N.C.C, “Liberal Academia’s Final Exam”

[UPDATE: I cross-posted this on Pandagon, and a reader there actually went to school with this numnut. I added his comments at the end.]

Despite the pictures, this is not a parody — the Freepers are quite enthusiastic about this effort by a winger with extreme delusions of grandeur. He’s on a one-man mission (funded with a currently empty store and no advertising yet – “coming soon”) to, well, just read this sad stuff.

The mission of the Network of College Conservatives is to educate, inform, expose and counter the liberal bias on college campuses throughout America. The N.C.C. will offer students an advanced and manifold educational experience based on conservative thoughts, views and opinions. It will inform students of liberal and conservative activities taking place on campuses across the nation, as well as keeping conservative students aware of the liberal establishment that permeates our institutions of higher learning and its tools of indoctrination.

The Network of College Conservatives is the brainchild of Christopher Flickinger – who refers to himself as the “dean” of this conservative institute of higher education. His creation comes about after years of personal experiences, confrontations and battles with liberals in positions of power and influence. Yet, in spite of their best efforts, he remains true to his conservative beliefs and is a testament to other students who must wade through higher education’s liberal indoctrination.

Flickinger graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism – or as he refers to it “a dark cesspool of liberalism in an otherwise conservative and beautiful state.” Flickinger majored in broadcast journalism with specializations in political science and economics. And, despite daily verbal clashes with his leftwing instructors – some of which had his fellow students taking cover under their desks – Flickinger earned his degree in less than four years. “I was just trying to get the heck out of Dodge before somebody got hurt,” says the “dean.”

This dude’s frustrated because he couldn’t make a career for himself in broadcast journalism. After serving as an intern at Faux News, booking and producing segments for Rita Cosby, Geraldo Rivera, Carl Cameron and Brit Hume, he tried to make it as a reporter in upstate NY, but once he learned that TV news was “too fake and too left-wing for his tastes” he was outta there.

Dean’s comment about the picture at left: “[It] contains three things radical liberals despise: the Holy Bible, an American proudly waving the flag and, of course, Dean Flickinger.

The “dean” determined his “God-given talents” would find a home elsewhere, and that happened to be as regular contributor to the hangout for flame-throwing lunatic conservatives, Human Events Online. You’ve probably seen the queeny editor, Terry Jeffrey — the former campaign manager to Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan (which should tell you something) on talking head shows spouting the winger line.

He likes attention too: “While I will always enjoy hearing about conservative students who have found the Network of College Conservatives beneficial, I really get a kick out of reading the hate mail that’s sent to me. For one, it’s entertaining. And secondly, it let’s me know I’m right on target!”


Joseph Hughes said on November 12, 2005 11:04 PM:

OK, I totally lived across the hall from this douchebag when I was a junior at Ohio University. I’m not even kidding. I was a junior and this guy was a freshman. Everyone on the floor hated him, not so much because he advertised his obvious conservatism, but moreso because he was just such a douche. He had an embroidered pillow on his bed. I’m not kidding. It had some smarmy slogan like “The Best is Yet to Come” on it. Something like that.

And let me tell you, as a graduate of the same Scripps School of Journalism “the Dean” attended, I’m ashamed to share the building with that tool. His stories on local television were BEYOND idiotic – the kind of goody-goody, Chris’s People kind of bullshit about Uptown buskers and little old ladies and cute kids. Good God was he lame.

And now this.

Seriously, I saw his picture and immediately remembered and learned anew why I never liked this guy. If you want more details from what I can remember, just ask. But we for sure lived on the third floor of Boyd Hall on the West Green at Ohio University. Would have been 1999-2000. We used to play PlayStation in his room with his roommate, who also thought the Dean was a colossal moron.

…Most people in his freshman cohort that year were busy trying to get me to buy beer for them, as I had already turned 21, but this guy was busy polishing up his regional Emmy speech, it seemed like. He was always one of those asshole go-getters who would say hello to your face but be secretly plotting your overthrow behind your back. I wish I had stayed in touch with his roommate and buddies more, because they’d have the dirt on this guy. He has a very Mehlmanesque air about him, very polished and put together. But I think it was more of a facade, as he seemed rather fake to me. He’s put on a lot of weight, it seems, he’s gone from looking like a Ralph Reed-type of moron to more of a Reed-Joe Scarborough assface. I think he freaked out when we would sit on his bed to play College Gameday, as I think he had this also-embroidered homemade throw blanket down near the end of his bed. I mean, most of us tried to keep our rooms tidy – who am I kidding, we didn’t – but this guys neatness put everyone to shame. He’s all rim and no wheel, so to speak. I think that facade covered for his being a scared, rank amateur.

Did you see how few schools he’s got “signed on”? Not even his damn alma mater. I stayed in town at grad school and also working a year or two after he should have left and no one really thought of him as anything more than a Bill Hemmer-esque puff piece machine. Sure, he won some awards, but in broadcasting (especially student broadcasting), it’s like the difference between actually being smart and knowing how to take tests. Journalistically, this guy knew how to take tests, if you know what I mean. He knew what people thought a good local story was, the kind of ones starting with two minutes left in the show, and he shamelessly reproduced them, as I remember. But none of us thought he’d become the next Anderson Cooper or Keith Olbermann.

And Athens isn’t a dark cesspool of liberalism. If that douche had gotten out more and had some fun – or surgically removed that stick from his ass – he would have had a better time. Athens, Mr. Dean, was the only county in Ohio not voting for Issue 1, the hateful anti-gay marriage amendment last November. So cross-stitch that on your embroidered pill
ow, you shitface.


Oh god — here’s a site with a list of “articles” written by this clown. Some topics:

* Terri Schiavo: “Terri Schiavo’s battle for life is over, and as a result, our nation will forever be changed. “

* Groundhog Day: “Today is Groundhog Day, and for many liberal Democrats it means more than just a possible early spring or six more weeks of winter”

* Declaration of Independence: “Once upon a time there was a document called the Declaration of Independence. Some Americans have probably never heard of it. Even more have probably never read . . .”

Bonus points for this description of himself:

“Christopher Flickinger is a conservative columnist from Pittsburgh, PA (or as he likes to call it, “The People’s Republic of Pittsburgh: a cesspool of unionized liberalism”). He is co-founder and President of the Center For Conservative Thought. Mr. Flickinger’s columns can be found periodically at Human Events Online, The Rant, and other websites that hold lifetime memberships to the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Although his columns are usually mild-mannered and anything but blunt, this six-foot-two, two-hundred and twenty pound Goliath doesn’t back down from liberal instigators, and he’s just waiting for a left-winger to throw a pie in his direction.”

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