Dick is boned

Lest we lose sight of this in the midst of the Great Presidentail Meltdown of 2005, but VP Big Time is nearing Michael Jackson numbers when it comes to trust and popularity:

Now is the autumn of Bush’s discontent, according to the NEWSWEEK poll, taken by phone of 1,002 Americans over Thursday and Friday nights. The president can take some solace in the fact that 42 percent of Americans believe he is honest and ethical. Only 29 percent believe that Vice President Dick Cheney is. And more than a quarter of Republicans, 26 percent, believe the vice president is not honest and ethical. The growing credibility gap could have ramifications across the president’s agenda: 56 percent of Americans say Bush “won’t be able to get much done;” only 36 percent say he “can be effective.” (my emphasis)

Expect a major terrorist alert in the next week.

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