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Laura Rozen says that before meeting with Big Time next week, Ahmed Chalabi will visit wounded US soldiers at Walter Reed. Touching.

Pat Roberts has asked the Pentagon’s inspector general to look into the activities of Doug Feith and the Office of Special Plans. Democrats on the SSCI, including John Rockefeller, say Roberts’ action could “delay the Senate investigation of Feith’s office by up to a year.” Moreover, Roberts didn’t tell vice chair John Rockefeller about the letter until after it had been sent. Can we hear that all that bullshit about “comity” again?

Steve Soto, on the new Newsweek story: “So the presidential inquiry report is now garbage as well? We now know that both the CIA and DIA had reservations about the claims that Saddam was training Al Qaeda on chemical weapons, yet those reservations never made their way to Colin Powell, who got his information for the UN speech from, where else, Dick Cheney’s office. So are we to believe that both Rummy and George Tenet withheld these concerns from the White House?”

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Jane Hamsher

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