James Dobson's compassionate tag for the gays

Daddy Dobson’s latest family-friendly site, “Troubled With,” is laughable. The site’s intent is to sensitively approach the troubled youth of today, counseling them through such topics as…oh, homosexuality:

[Note the tender, homo-suggestive picture chosen for the page by the FoF staff.]

Though homosexuality continues to gain cultural acceptance, many who consider themselves gay or experience homosexual tendencies feel puzzled and even apprehensive about their sexuality – If this is normal, why am I so confused? Do I have a choice in the matter? Perhaps you’ve struggled with same-sex attraction, making you wonder if you’re gay. Maybe you’ve even sought to meet your needs for companionship and acceptance through a same-gender relationship. If so, realize that you do have a choice in the matter. You’re not simply “wired that way.” For those with unanswered questions or a desire to change, we offer a compassionate message of transformation and truth.

Born Gay?
Debunking the claim of biological determinism.

The Sexual Developmental Stages
How males develop homosexual attractions.[Gee, what about those lesbians?]

An Ounce of Prevention
Myths about homosexuality abound. Not least is the notion that, for some people, homosexuality is inevitable.


Finding His Way Out
One man proves it is possible to escape the grip of homosexuality.

My Father’s Closet
When Dad leaves Mom for another woman, the wounds are deep. But what about when he leaves for another man?

Jeremy of Good As You emailed me with a doozy from his post Focus on the Meta Tags. He did a little snooping in the source code of the site, and found out what kind of “compassionate message of transformation and truth” lies in Daddy D.’s selection of descriptive keywords for the homos in that meta tag :

I agree with Jeremy — Daddy D.’s staff is not too bright — they omitted the Right’s current favorite perjorative term, “homosexual,” and misspelled effeminate. La-dee-da.

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