Build your own Jonah Goldberg post

You too can post at the Corner as Jonah Goldberg. Just start every post with this disclaimer:

This is just one reason I’ve been reluctant to weigh-in. I don’t respond well to “double-dog-dare” argumentation.

Another reason is that I just haven’t had time to bone up on the issue…

And end with this:

But, I need to do more homework.

Except that you really don’t have to do more homework. Just pull out your CliffsNotes on any given subject, request that your readers do the heavy lifting, and then supply an appropriate Simpsons reference (Homer quotes seem to work best) and you’re on your way to Jonah-hood.

It’s fun! It’s easy! And you don’t even have to put down your Ding-Dong.

That would be your pastry Ding-Dong. It’s not a smutty euphemism…

Oh. Never mind.

(Added) As usual, Roy who is on the east coast which makes him all superior and smart and up earlier and stuff, gets to Goldberg first but on another related matter:

As fans of his lumpy prose can attest, Goldberg himself clucks quite loudly and frequently during intellectual endeavors, never more so than when he is clearly full of shit, and seems to think this clucking holds said shit together.

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