“The elite city of Bloomington harbors an elitist, faggot business called The Inner Chef which openly and unabashedly claim they are against God Almighty” We burned the flag, and we will do it again.”
— knuckle-dragger John Lewis, pastor of the Old Paths church

I’m sure the good pastor also got a bug up his butt after learning that Indianapolis add transgender to the language of its non-discrimination policy. Hoosiers are going to get tired of sh*t like this after a while. Thumbs up to Bart Peterson.

Mayor Bart Peterson expanded the city hiring policy to include protection for transgender employees, reissuing an earlier executive order last Friday.

Including the phrase “gender identity” in the policy that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation corrected an oversight from the original executive order issued in 2004, he said. The change brings the city’s policy in line with the state policy adopted by Gov. Joe Kernan and kept in place by Gov. Mitch Daniels.

But as you saw in the pull quote, a Fred Phelps wannabe, John Lewis, of the Old Paths Baptist Church, is running around with nothing better to do than sic his flock on the homos. (365gay.com):

Members of an Indiana church opposed to homosexuality demonstrated on the campus of Indiana University then marched to a Bloomington gay-owned store where they burned the Rainbow flag.

Carrying signs that said “Fags Die, God Laughs” the group of about 25 denounced the university for its LGBT diversity program. The group has held a number of anti-gay protests at UI over the past few years but, the campus newspaper, The Indiana Daily Student, said this was the largest.

Some of the protestors brought children singing hymns. From the university campus the group marched to The Inner Chef a gay-owned kitchen supply store in Bloomington where they set a gay flag called New Glory on fire. New Glory combines the Rainbow flag with the stars of Old Glory in a gay version of the US flag.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding