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Texas Voters Approve Ban on Gay Marriage

Not even close. The earlier head fake by the Texas Taliban worried about low turnout and all the gay folks streaming to the polls turned out to be true. Rick Perry’s happy tonight – all you Lone Star homos are now officially (and permanently) second-class citizens. (KGBT4):

A state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage championed by Republican Governor Rick Perry and social conservatives won overwhelming voter approval today as Texans decided nine proposed amendments. With more than 472-thousand votes counted, 74 percent favored the ban while 26 percent were against it.

Same-sex marriage already is prohibited under Texas law. Those who supported Proposition 2 said a constitutional ban was needed to ensure a judge doesn’t decide to allow gays to marry.


In more optimistic Dem news, Jon Corzine wins in NJ, and Tim Kaine wins in VA. (AP):

Democrats swept both governors’ races Tuesday, with Sen. Jon Corzine easily winning New Jersey and Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine taking Virginia despite a last-minute campaign push for his opponent from President Bush.

Kaine had 860,719 votes, or 51 percent, to Kilgore’s 789,273 votes, or 46.8 percent, with 88 percent of precincts reporting.

In New Jersey, Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine trounced Doug Forrester, pulling in 54 percent of the vote to the Republican’s 42.8 percent, with 55 percent of precincts counted. Corzine had 605,915 votes, and Forrester had 480,477.

Since the Chimp team was looking at this election as a referendum on the GOP and this President (see the cocky WaPo excerpt below), they better start spinning – big time, especially after this puffery…

In jumping into the Virginia governor’s race just 10 hours before polling booths open, President Bush put his credibility on the line last night and ensured that the results will be interpreted as a referendum on his troubled presidency. But the White House is gambling that after weeks of political tribulations, Bush has little more to lose.

Bush’s election-eve foray to Richmond to rally behind Republican Jerry W. Kilgore inserted him into the hottest election of the off-year cycle and will test his ability to energize his party’s base voters, according to strategists from both parties. Even in a traditionally Republican-leaning state such as Virginia, polls register disenchantment with Bush’s leadership, and Kilgore has had trouble running against national headwinds.

Yet White House strategists evidently calculated that a Kilgore defeat would be seen as a defeat for Bush even if the president did not set foot on the southern side of the Potomac.

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