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Texas Taliban hysterical over amendment vote

“If you’re a U.S. senator and you want to hide on that issue, you can’t do that right now because all the states are coming out in favor of marriage being a man and a woman. But if Texas were to vote it down, all of a sudden you would have a lot of cover, as a senator, to say ‘Look, Texas didn’t even support this.'”
— Kelly Shackelford, president of Liberty Legal Institute

Those homosexuals are turning out to vote, according to the wingnuts at AgapePress, in a breathless story panicking that the amendment could go down in flames. I would love to see this happen, but I’m not optimistic.

My guess is the tactic of playing the underdog all day long will make their PR cackling all the sweeter if it passes, in order to humiliate the gays and lesbians in the Lone Star State, and drum up support for the amendments in other states that have votes coming up next year: Alabama (slam dunk), South Carolina (slam dunk), South Dakota, and Tennessee. I’m assuming the latter two state will them pass as well.

Although Texas is viewed as a conservative stronghold, Christian activists say the vote could be close. Kelly Shackelford, president of the Plano-based Liberty Legal Institute (LLI), says a low turnout in early voting is not a good sign.

The highest turnout in the counties so far is in the strongest county that is for homosexual marriage, and that’s Travis County,” the attorney says. Travis County includes Austin, the state capital, which has a large and active homosexual community. “Certainly the side that is against this [proposition] and in favor of homosexual marriage is very energized,” he continues. “They have a lot of money that’s come in from out-of-state.”

Shackelford says the entire nation will watch the Texas vote closely — and not just because it is the only state with the issue on the ballot this year. “If the Texas marriage amendment were to fail, I think most people believe that this would be a complete end to the whole Federal Marriage Amendment effort,” he says, then explains his rationale.

I mean really, the wingnuts in Texas are completely unhinged at this point, especially after the Save Texas Marriage folks put out this oddball document.

The saddest and sickest quotes on this come from bigoted black pastors backing this enshrinement of discrimination. (CBN):

“We have to come to these things and raise a loud voice of concern and urgency,” said Pastor Ron O’Guinn, “that this is the new American genocide.”

O’Guinn saw many black men lured away into homosexuality when he was a minister in West Hollywood. “Our young men are at risk already with gangs, with violence, with imprisonment, with drugs,” O’Guinn explained. “Can we really afford to have homosexuality compete for the masculinity of the black community? And the answer, of course, is ‘no.’

But wait, there’s more. And this sounds like another Willie Wilson Fairie Tale, with a pastor gay-bashing with a Personal Story of PerversionTM

Other black pastors get upset over homosexuals framing their fight for gay marriage as a civil rights issue. Pastor Dwight McKissic stated, “I’m insulted and offended by a comparison between gay rights and civil rights. They’re confusing my skin with their sin.”

McKissic leads a coalition of Christians in the Dallas area pushing for Prop. 2. He got involved when a man in his congregation came to him with a shocking story.

“He said ‘Pastor, my son came home from school today in the fifth grade and asked me, “Dad, when I get old, who do I marry: a man or a woman?” And when he asked me that, something birthed in my spirit and [I] said, we have to do something,” remarked McKissic.

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