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Fox slapped with bias suit

UPDATE (5PM): as noted in the comments, Raw Story obtained a copy of the suit — and it’s graphic and disgusting.

UPDATE 2: I added Freeper comments at the end. These are sick sexist f*ckers.

Again, is there a surprise about this kind of bullsh*t — the EEOC managed to find problems at the high and mighty bastion of unfair and unbalanced reporting?

My follow-up question is whether there was a falafel or loofah involved in the “hostile work environment” created by the sexist cretin at the Faux News Channel? (NYT):

The suit, filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan, is based on an investigation by the commission, with headquarters in Washington, of a claim brought by a former Fox employee, Kim Weiler.

…The commission claims that a Fox vice president, Joe Chillemi, “routinely used gross obscenities and vulgarities when describing women or their body parts,” language that it says Mr. Chillemi “did not use with male employees.” The suit contends that Mr. Chillemi “routinely cursed at and otherwise denigrated women employees,” telling them to “be a man.

The suit charges that Mr. Chillemi, in a discussion about a television segment focusing on sexism in the workplace, said, “Of course I’d pick the man” if he had to choose between a woman and a man for the same position, because he was concerned that a woman could become pregnant and leave her job. Mr. Chillemi is described in the suit as the supervisor of the Fox Advertising and Promotions Department.

…The suit charges that Fox routinely relegated female employees to freelance work and less secure jobs. It says that Ms. Weiler was “constructively discharged” as a result of the network’s practices. It was not clear whether Ms. Weiler was fired.


And Media Matters has the goods on our friend O’Reilly. He’s been uttering equally heinous things lately, having learned nothing from the harassment suit slapped on him by a former staffer.

On the November 3 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called for “a full-body search” on his co-host, Lis Wiehl. During a conversation about a recent New York Sun editorial (subscription required) on a lawsuit over New York City’s policy of subway bag checks, O’Reilly said: “Would you please — would you please bring in some security to do a full-body search on … Lis Wiehl.” When Wiehl repeated, “I said my bags, not my body,” O’Reilly responded, “Full-body search on Lis Wiehl right this minute. She asked for it.” Wiehl is also an author, Harvard-trained law professor, and legal analyst for Fox News.

Poor Lis Wiehl. This was not the first time the slimeball has gone after her. The pig did it last month as well:

On the October 26 broadcast of Westwood One’s The Radio Factor, O’Reilly, “outraged” at a recent CBS News poll on border control, asked female co-host, Lis Wiehl, to protest CBS clad in a bikini.

And now, what the slimy beasts in Freeperland are saying, feminists that they are…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Ok, and this is strange because why? What else do you think men talk about.”

“The reflections off the anchor girls’ exaggerated lip gloss and wide angle shots of short skirts and crossed legs gives intellectual balance to the news.”

“Lack of job security is part of the business. They can fire you because they don’t like the color of your eyes. No explaination needed.”

“The VULTURES are out for Fox. When you are Number 1 , the Feminist and the New York Slimes want your blood !!”

“The reflections off the anchor girls’ exaggerated lip gloss. . .”

“You meant to say ‘exaggerated lips. . .and lip gloss’. . .right? It is almost funny; but really I don’t care what visuals Fox uses to gain audience appeal. Better info there for sure; compared to the rest of the net/cable. . .I want as many people tuning in as they can reach. As for the claim. . The suit also contends that the executive “routinely cursed at and otherwise denigrated women employees,” telling them to “be a man,” I guess we will hear from them or the lawyers will. . .(?)”

“Nonsense! If they have a good pair of legs in a short skirt there is no limit to how far they can go at Fox. They are the industry leader in knee-level cameras, glass tables (not ceilings), and anchor eye candy.”

“Except that women are a protected group under title 9. Only “whitey” can be fired for no reason…as long as he is under the age of 40.”

“Pretty news babes are a TV tradition on networks and local stations. Our local stations burn through them so fast I rarely recall their names after they are gone. Only the ones who make the main desk with their name as one of the news team headliners have any staying power. That’s the game and a player shouldn’t complain when it happens to that player.”

“It’s a federal law suit. Why would the Bush Administration go after Fox?”

“I’m wondering if they have created a parody on purpose. “FOX and FRIENDS” which I can no longer stand to watch fills the screen with feminine eye candy, but chooses gals who are articulate and often thoughtfully smart while their male counter parts are stunningly ditzy at a level only found in groups of teenage girls at the mall.”

“”constructively discharged” WTF? Does that mean she quit? Or that she stopped showing up for work? Or, more likely, that she did such a crappy job FOX stopped assigning work to her?”

“Of course, it could be worse. . .but could be she was just called a ‘boob’ or ‘butt head’. . .or dumb-a– . Something ANYone could experience if there are ‘problems’.”

“So, now telling someone to “be a man” is a denigration or slur?…………”

“Are they sure it wasn’t really Bill O’Reilly? Sounds like his MO.”

“The federal government is a huge entity made up of many agencies that are still headed by partisans. One thing to remember about CLinton is that he committed one of the largest partisan purges in US history…which included the so-called DA Massacre that replaced all the US Attorneys. Unless Bush replaced these people, (which I don’t recall him doing) these federal prosecutors, combined with Clinton-appointed federal judges, means Republicans aren’t even safe from partisans in the DOJ.”

“O’Reilly yelling “IT WASN’T ME” was heard as far away as nearby New Jersey and Delaware.”

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