A Canticle for Mangalang

Blessed are the moonbats, for they
shall have to clean up the mess
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Hundreds of years from now as the survivors of World War IV, started by President Jenna Bush Hanson Davis Kutcher after a particularly nasty Apple Martini binge, start coming out of their caves into the barren wasteland that was once Wyoming (actually it will have changed slightly for the better) they will find a book, a sacred book that will explain it all to them:

But as I read Unhinged, I gradually realized that it is much more. It is, in fact, a valuable historical document. Michelle has performed an important service in bringing together and documenting some of the shamefully under-covered stories of the last two years. For example, we knew (and our readers knew) about many of the acts of violence perpetrated by Democrats against Republicans in the 2004 campaign. Michelle has now assembled them all, including a couple I’d been unaware of, and preserved them for posterity. They didn’t get covered last year, and they aren’t getting covered now; but, who knows? Perhaps, many years from now, historians will want to learn the real story of last year’s Presidential campaign. They’ll have Unhinged to guide them.

…and since this book will will have had its cover torn off when it was value priced at 49 cents or three for a dollar, they will wonder who this woman was who was so fiercely prideful, so thin-skinned, and so full of foaming-at-the-mouth rage. In time only the high priests of the Church of the Holy Unhinged Moonbats would be allowed to utter her name lest they bring upon their village the Wrath of the Ledeen causing all first-born male children (excluding Young Republicans) to be marched off to war, never to be seen again.

And in their midnight rituals under a blood-moon these priests will chant her name, found stamped across the shredded and scorched binding, and she will be known as:

Re Main Dered

Say it soft and it’s almost like braying.

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