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Ready for the Connie and Maury show?

Bringing a Couple’s Dinner-Table Repartee to MSNBC. Bleh. I hate to disappoint the decision-makers up there, but this is not going to bring MSNBC out of the ratings toilet.

Connie Chung, not seen regularly on television since CNN canceled her prime-time program in early 2003, will return to cable news in January as the host of a weekly show on MSNBC that the network president hopes will allow her to play Katharine Hepburn to her co-host’s Spencer Tracy. [Gagging must be suppressed…]

Her on-screen sparring partner is the man who already has the job off camera: her husband of 20 years, the talk show host Maury Povich.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding